Martha Bremer

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  • 28 January, 2013
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Fabric, Fiber & Leather
Basketry & Seat Weaving

Whenever I see a basket, I’m always drawn to pick it up. I love the tactile and symmetrical qualities that basketry can evoke. I started weaving baskets after my third child was born. I found it was a wonderful form of mediation and relaxation as well as fulfilling my need to create objects of beauty and function. As I weave and design, the day’s events and experiences are inherently worked into it. The materials used to create baskets are endless but I like the fact that they are user friendly. No toxic chemicals are involved; no heavy equipment is needed, just simple cutting tools and agile fingers. Since I live in a rural area I have a steady supply of materials to gather and experiment with. These vessels have a timeless domestic nature that weave together the simplicity and complexity of our everyday lives. I also enjoy restoring a heirloom or neglected piece of furniture back to it’s useful state. I do all sorts of seat weaving including hand and press caning, rush, splint and shaker tape.

Brief Resume

Martha Bremer has been exploring the craft of basket weaving and seat weaving for the last 25 years. She studied at Brookfield Craft Institute in Connecticut with many well-known contemporary basket weavers in the late eighties. Mostly self-taught since then, her works has been exhibited in many galleries, exhibitions and stores in New York. She has also been teaching basket weaving in schools and community classes for the past 15 years. Her present focus is on traditional and functional styles.


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