Katrina Boest

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  • 16 May, 2018
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My family has always been “crafty,” my mother always making blankets, my Aunt always quilting or doing ceramics, and my grandmother crocheting and doing needle work. I, one of seven siblings, was born without my left hand; however, I was never treated any differently than my brothers and sisters. So, it did not seem odd when my mother and grandmother taught me to crochet at a very young age. Obviously, their love of and talent for crafting rubbed off.

I did work outside the home, clerk of the East Meredith Post Office for ten years while I raised my children, now 25 and 18 respectively. Unfortunately, a lifetime of hard work with just one hand began to take a physical toll, and I gave up a job I loved. During that time, though, I had never given up my yarn work. In fact, a few years ago a very dear childhood friend taught me and gave me the confidence to process and spin raw fiber.


Once I left the Post Office, I decided to see if I could take my passion for all things fiber to the next level. That has brought me to where I am now: using my talents and creating items for other people to enjoy.


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