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  • 2 February, 2013
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Candles, Soap & Chocolate

Holly made her first soaps as a hobby in 1993. After experimenting with different methods, she began using gentle heat to create her soaps and other emulsions. Each small batch of soap, lotion and cream is made the old fashioned way, by heating gently until an emulsion or soap is obtained. Vegetable oils and butters are used, mainly edible and up to 60% organic. Fragrances are custom blended and seasoned for a month or more following perfumery standards, which in many cases includes a top, middle and base note. Some of the scents contain only essential oils and others are an essential oil and fragrance blend. The scents are true because real ingredients are used such as essential oils, chai and green teas, bentonite clay, sea kelp, cocoa, oatmeal, spices, milk, honey and beeswax — and they are not exposed to extreme heat. Colors if used are edible food grade in minute quantity. Her hot process liquid soap is made nearly the same way as the colonists did back in the 1800’s – except with vegetable oils (not tallow) and modern “potash”, heated gently for up to 8 hours before adding naturally derived plant based conditioners and essential oils.

“In the old days and in some cultures, bathing is or was a true ritual. The making of emulsions was a long process and the fruits of such labor were truly enjoyed. Some of us may have lost the simple pleasure and comfort that bathing can bring. I have basic and sometimes challenging goals. To use naturally stable, primarily food grade ingredients with beneficial properties. To protect them with mainly food grade preservatives that are integral to the emulsion. And to create unique hand crafted toiletries that have a purpose, are healthful and appealing to all of our senses. When I make each batch, it’s still a long process because you can’t hurry a nice emulsion. This helps to define a truly hand crafted item – one that is not mass produced.”

Holly Bator – Dziewit
Northern Catskills Essentials
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