Join The Guild

Interested in Joining The Artisans’ Guild
148 Main Street, Oneonta, NY 13820
Deborah Blake, Manager/Executive Director
(607) 432-1080

Who We Are:

The Artisans’ Guild is a not-for-profit artists’ cooperative based in Oneonta, NY. Our shop specializes in handcrafted items made by local/regional artists and craftspeople (about 80 mile radius). We usually have 48-50 members. Our goals include providing local artists with a classy venue to sell their work, giving local people and tourists a place where they can purchase and admire regionally handcrafted art and helping to contribute to the revival of downtown Oneonta.

What It Means To Be A Member:

Members of The Artisans’ Guild contribute $52/month to the costs of running the store and put in 4 hours/month behind the counter (sometimes 6 in the summer months and 8 in December). The members receive 88% of the money from the sale of their items, and the store keeps 12% to be used for expenses. Incoming members are also asked to give a $100 deposit, which will be returned upon leaving the Guild as long as they have given the required two months notice and are current on all their obligations. Artists have a vote on major issues and are given some input on the manner and placement of their displays. (The manager has final say in this matter but is open to suggestions and requests.)

How To Join:

Any artist interested in joining The Artisans’ Guild is welcome to drop off a short bio and a sampling of his/her work for review by the jurying committee. 5-6 pieces are sufficient—they should encompass the range expected to be placed in the store, be clearly marked with prices and should be display ready (pictures should be matted or framed, etc.). Artists should be sure to leave their name and phone number so that they can be contacted after the committee has made its decision. Acceptance is based on a number of criteria; including the quality of the work, whether or not it duplicates items already in the shop, room available, ability to function well as a member of the cooperative, etc. Speaking to the manager before leaving items for jurying is recommended, but not required.

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