January 2018 Artist of the Month

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  • 19 February, 2018
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This month’s artist is:

George & Theresa Olsen

George A. Olsen, Jr. might be considered a “late blooming artist.” In 2004 he began to seriously study lathe turned wood working. Numerous hours, classes and experiments later, he found a niche for his artwork in local art galleries and specialty shops. George’s turned work was selected by jurors of the 2008 National Small Works Exhibit at the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie and the 2008 Cooperstown Art National Exhibition, Cooperstown Regional Show and Wilber Mansion Show in Oneonta, NY in the sculpture and fine arts categories.

Many of the pieces are functional art. Bowls are typically finished with walnut oil so they may safely be used for food. Most bowls are turned of native species, and are reflective of the size and shape of original section of wood, some with natural edges. A number of bowls have been crafted with segmented pieces: sectors of light and dark woods are carefully placed and adhered together creating graphic patterns.

Unique pieces are fashioned of green wood. These items were turned, and as they dried they continued to move creating a one-of-a-kind work with the final touch added by Mother Nature. Offset and Celtic goblets with captive rings are indicative of George’s artful skill and talent for design.

George has fashioned unique peppermills and salt-and-peppermills of his own design that have been popular wedding gifts. Each mill is beautiful in form and design to be enjoyed by gourmets and casual cooks near and far. Wooden pens are available in a wide variety of woods and his distinctive bottle stoppers are wonderful, practical presents.

George is the proud father of three adults and enjoys the delight of being “Poppa” to six grand-kids. He and his wife & partner Theresa live in Richmondville, NY. She is adept at adding suggestions and occasional embellishments to his work.


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