October Artist of the Month

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  • 29 October, 2017
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This month’s artist is:

Ingrid Guiter

I immerse myself in the making of useful, pleasing objects, with natural materials, simple tools and movements. I make pots that may satisfy our most basic needs, like holding water or food, pots that are ready to receive and to give. Giving and receiving are some of my basic needs, and making pottery helps me to satisfy them.
I love the routine of the studio work. In it, I find a non-judgmental environment that invites me to be creative, playful and productive. Repetition and observation give way to refinement, to discoveries in shape, texture and color.
I find the solitude of my studio comforting, and I can be present in the moment of the task.
I was born in Argentina (1962) where I pursued a degree in Medical Science. As a young adult I decided to travel with my husband, and in 1989 left Buenos Aires to see the world on a trip that lasted more than two years. It was in New York City (1991) where, on the spur of the moment, I decided to take pottery classes in exchange for work at Supermud, a small and friendly place in the Upper West Side. It was there that I realize that making pots was more important for me than I would have ever thought.
It wasn’t too long until I decided to find a mentor, and sought then an apprenticeship with potter and sculptor Ragnar D. Naess in Brooklyn, NY.
In 1996 I moved to Otego, NY, where my husband and I built our house and pottery studio in a beautiful piece of land. 
I’ve been making pots for 15 years now, and along the way I have met many generous potters and artists from whom I have learned invaluable pot making techniques.
I throw pots in a kick wheel and fire them in a gas kiln (in a reduction atmosphere). My husband built both kick wheel and kiln, and I happily and arduously helped him along.
The name of my pottery, “Amancay” (pronounce AH-MAN-KY), refers to a wild flower that grows in southern Argentina, the same way the orange day lilies do in my new home Upstate New York.
I live in Otego with my husband, my son and my daughter.


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