September Artist of the Month

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  • 28 October, 2017
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This month’s artist is:

Allison Jones

Allison Jones and Applegarth Pottery

I began pursuing my interest in stoneware pottery back in the mid-seventies.  At that time, it was all the rage and stoneware was easy to find although seldom well made.  For a number of reasons, I chose to let go of that pursuit at least for the time being.

Meanwhile I began raising meat animals following my own code of ethics.  This was before the time of Certified Organic options or humanely raised animals – few people at the time thought the quality of life for the meat animal mattered.  Well, it did to me and I soon found others to whom it mattered also.  I have been raising poultry, pork, lamb and beef ever since.  And when, a few years back, I had the opportunity to return to the stoneware studio, it seemed natural to use my farm name – Applegarth – as the name of the pottery also – reflecting what I’ve been doing all these years.  In addition to farming, I also raised two wonderful sons – both of whom have gone on to be self employed and creative beings; one, a farrier and the other a woodworker/furniture maker who is also a member of the Oneonta Artisan’s Guild. 

My pottery is of functional design, made with led-free glazes that are food safe.  Stoneware can be used in a conventional oven or a microwave and can tolerate the dishwasher.  What it doesn’t tolerate at all is sudden changes in temperature.  So please remember to let a plate or casserole reach room temperature if it’s been in the refrigerator, before placing in the oven.  Whenever possible, let the oven heat up around the plate or dish.  If taking a hot pot from the oven, remember to place it on a towel or potholder, not on the counter top – which may not seem cold to you but which is none-the-less a sudden change in temperature for the dish.


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