July Artist of the Month

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  • 22 July, 2017
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This month’s artist is:

Michael Musante

Time has often been the organizing subject of my art. My digital photo collages have depicted and celebrated the passage of time. Until recently my pieces have dealt with historic time. I would combine an old photograph or photo post card with a new digital image of the same view. For my most recent project, I decided to concentrate on cyclical time for example, changing seasons or night and day. In doing these pieces, I have become fascinated by the differences between seeing and perceiving. Sight is a simple matter of observation in the moment while perception is colored by anticipation and memory. My perception of a given landscape is changed and enhanced by each passing season. To this end my art reflects, not the way I see a landscape, but more the way I remember it. The tools afforded me by computer manipulation have made the assembling and juxtaposing of images much easier. Despite the hi-tech nature of my work, I still consider myself at heart a documentary artist.

I have always tried to use the tools of digital manipulation to impart more information not to mislead or confuse. We live in a culture with a profusion of disposable images. My hope is to arrest the viewer’s attention to look a little deeper and a little longer.
Bio Information:

Graduated: Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York 1976 BFA

Worked: NYC and northern New Jersey as a commercial photographer for more than 25 years.

Moved: 2002 to Deposit, New York to concentrate on fine art.

Grant: 2004 NYS Council on the Arts.

Juror Citation: “Focus on Black & White Photography” Cooperstown Art Association.


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