September Artist of the Month

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  • 8 October, 2016
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This month’s artist is:

Maggie Newman

I’ve lived the life of a junior-senior high school teacher for over 32 years; I’m now retired. My major was Home Economics Education, which I pursued because of the creativeness of working with textiles & color. I collected many vintage items–feathers, unique beaded items, florals, laces–which I continue to use in my work .I turned to doll making when I took a sculpting class with Nancy Dennis. I enjoyed the dollmakers; there was greater creativity, and an acceptance of the use of any variety of materials to portray the doll. I was free to do what I wanted and did not feel limited by the use of only certain materials or designs. My polymer clay sculpting is still on the primitive side, but I find this art form to be very rewarding.

I’ve always longed for the freedom to create artsy beautiful things. I believe in COLOR and try to use it extensively throughout my creative work, whether it be teddy bears for adult collectors, artdolls, beaded jewelry or handbags. I try for the unique One-Of-A-Kind item and try to create items that reflect a sense of humor. I also try to create pieces that tell a story, and enjoy creating unusual pieces. I try to incorporate unusual antique/vintage textiles, beads, buttons, feathers. Some people have referred to my artwork as “whimsical”, “joyful”, and “fun”. Creating is mental work for me; sometimes when I’m planning a project, I find I’m awake in the night thinking of the logistics–how am I going to put this together?? And, I find, especially with the artdolls & the teddy bears, that each project takes on a life of its’ own–the doll/bear TELLS me what it wants to be! I try to combine REALITY with some form of FANTASY. My creative ideas come from music, words, and other cryptic sayings that I can see “images” or pictures in the phrasings. Music has been my best source for imagery.


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