June Artist of the Month

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  • 18 June, 2016
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This month’s artist is:

Glen Fellows

Glen grew up and lived in New Hampshire for 40 years. After a tour with the navy, he studied Life Sciences and Agriculture in college. He then worked as a carpenter, woodworker and vegetable grower before moving to the Leatherstocking region of Central New York.

Glen uses local woods such as maple, butternut, apple and cherry to fashion bowls, woodenware and furniture in the tradition of early American settlers and their ancestors. He works in a shop or outside using hand-tools to fashion wood into pieces for practical and decorative purposes.

Mineral oil and beeswax are used to finish the bowls, although walnut oil also works well. On furniture he prefers to use natural oil or a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine as the original finish, but recommends occasionally refreshing the pieces with lemon oil or a paste wax.

Glen’s pieces are in collections nationwide and are available both through The Artisans’ Guild and by special order directly from him.


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