April Artist of the Month

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  • 22 April, 2016
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This month’s artist is:

Dale & Lynn Price

Buttons, though often only appreciated for their functionality, are much more than simple adornments that fasten the fabric on our garments.  Many of them are centuries old, and contain stories of fashions and people of the past.  They hold sentimental value as they are saved and cherished through the years; our grandmothers — and our grandmothers’ grandmothers — have salvaged buttons after they were removed from clothing that was no longer worn.  Decades have passed, and collections of buttons remain ever timeless in jars, jewelry boxes, and dresser drawers.  Our vintage button rings allow the wearer to enjoy the delicacy, whimsy and ageless beauty of buttons, tangible glimpses into history, embellishments that are shared among generations.  Buttons connect us as a people with stories, lives, and styles.


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