February Artist of the Month

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  • 6 February, 2016
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This month’s artist is:

Sonia DeFrances

When I was nine years old, my grandmother came to visit from war-torn Germany. She was a non-stop knitter who managed to make sweaters for children during the war from all sorts of odds and ends of yarn unraveled from old garments. While she lived with us, she kept all of the men on the farm in wool socks. Omi, as we called her, taught me to knit and I have never stopped for long. When I was in college I knitted argyle socks for my boyfriend. Later, when my three children came along, I knitted for them. Grandchildren provided a whole new market for my knitting. Now there are great-grandchildren

A few years ago I decided to try selling some of my creations. I was pleased to be accepted into the Guild and thrilled when I sold 4 items the first week. There are so many exciting new yarns and it is fun to try them. I have learned over the years what sells and what doesn’t. Customers like machine washable items, especially for children. I always label each item with washing instructions. My favorite fiber is wool, so I do produce some woolen garments. These usually have to be hand-washed.

My most popular item over the years has been the red and green strawberry cap. Until now I have made these only in kids’ sizes, but a recent request has prompted me to try some adult caps. I am always looking for new patterns to try, and new yarns to experiment with. I never seem to get bored with this knitting business.


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