January Artist of the Month

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  • 11 January, 2016
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This month’s artist is:

Connie Smith

Hi, My name is Connie Smith.  I am 54 years old.  My husband and I live in Cobleskill, NY.  Art, in some form or another, has always been a part of my life.  My father painted all of his life, my mom sewed, both of my sisters paint, and my brothers do amazing woodwork.  I chose quilting and scrapbooking to express my creativity for many years.  I did some drawing in high school, but did not begin working with charcoals until 2007.

We had moved to North Carolina and being “empty nesters” in a new place, I decided to take some drawing and painting classes.  I found that I really enjoyed working with charcoals.  A friend asked me if I would draw her a picture of Jesus and I was quite surprised at how well it turned out.  It inspired me to start drawing again.  I started with safari animals and my 3rd drawing was the Zebra.  I was amazed that I had drawn it!! Even my father could find nothing to correct!  After that, I continued drawing, but not with any intent to sell and at my leisure.
When we moved to Cobleskill and bought our farm, I knew the previous owners had loved it very much.  So, I decided to do a charcoal of the farm for them and gave it to them at closing.  They are the ones that insisted I sell my work.  They told me about the Artisan Gallery in Middleburgh, and in May 2015 I joined the Gallery.  When we found out that the Gallery in Middleburgh was closing, a fellow artist referred me to the Artisan Guild in Oneonta.
I am very thankful for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy my work.  If you are interested in having a portrait or pet portrait done, please let me know.
Connie Smith
Charcoals by Connie

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