October Artist of the Month

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  • 16 October, 2015
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This month’s artist is:

Jennifer Kemper

I┬ábegan making pottery at the age of 15 after being drawn to it since childhood. I moved to the Oneonta area from Southern California in 1972, continuing my studies and beginning a business, which was to become Kemper Pottery in the early 80’s. I make a variety of functional and decorative items out of clay, such as dinnerware, candle holders, ovenware, plant pots, holiday decorations, Oneonta, NY specialty items, beads, wine stoppers, bowl sets, and much more.

My pottery began appearing in local craft shows and shops in the 1970’s, and it has been at the Artisans Guild since 2003. I enjoy working with and exchanging ideas with other members at the Artisans Guild, as well as getting feedback from the customers.

Pottery is my main love, although I also make a wide range of items from recycled materials, utilizing paper, found objects, glass bottles, and jewelry parts. I have also done watercolor painting, drawing, wood work, sewing and quilting, confectionery, jewelry, papier mache’ and work with cement. I also enjoy making lamp-worked glass beads, which was taught to me by another Guild member. I enjoy creativity in as many forms as I have time for, and it seems there is never enough time for everything I want to do.


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