September Artist of the Month

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  • 16 October, 2015
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This month’s artist is:

Rachel Sason

Catskill Painted Grain

Sharing grain of beauty with the world

Rachel D. Sason

Rachel draws her inspiration from her ancestors who were farmers in the Catskills and woodworkers in Turkey.  With the collective influence on her work, she is moved to create pieces of art that reflect her lover of nature and community, allowing her to find great joy in this dialogue with the wood.

Using a weathered piece of wood as a medium, instead of a blank canvas, turns her creations into conversations.

Jason A. Miller

Recycling and architecture has been a passion of Jason’s for nearly two decades.  The majority of his time has been spent reusing reclaimed barn wood for art and construction projects throughout metropolitan NY.  Working with the sis and scale of jewelry is a refreshing change of pace for an artist who has traditionally worked with much larger materials.  This new perspective on his craft has led to a wellspring of creative new ideas and designs.  Every handcrafted piece is another opportunity to share the magic and beauty of reclaimed wood.  “The work should be fun and attract, that is a major goal.”


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