August Artist of the Month

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  • 17 August, 2015
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This month’s artist is:

Teri Statford 

Born and raised in Walton, NY, Teri made her way to New York City and made a career in the textbook publishing industry as a freelance Photo Editor and Photographer for major publishers such as Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill and Macmillan.  Today she is transitioning smoothly from editor to artist taking full advantage of the lush growing environment of the Northeastern USA; for…Teri’s passion for spirituality, nature and creativity had finally found the perfect outlet….Leaf Art.

The idea for Leaf Art started with collecting colorful fall leaves while walking in the 1990s and making a simple collage.  In 2010, the task was revisited and fully embraced! Each year since, a minimum of 10 images are introduced.

All Leaf Art images are made with REAL leaves arranged on illustration board, usually with watercolor backgrounds.  As the leaves fade and shrink quickly, each completed image is scanned immediately and retouched for final printing.

Leaf Art images awaken and strengthen people’s appreciation and connection with nature by magnifying nature’s beauty, infinite variety and detail.  Playfulness is important too.  Often subjects chosen and image titles express that aspect.  How you feel when you look at Leaf Art is what is really important because Leaf Art is embedded with joy.  


Taking home Leaf Art is taking home JOY… 



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