July Artist of the Month

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  • 4 July, 2015
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This month’s artist is:

Pam Kurst

My husband and I left a hectic life in New Jersey for a serene country life in Upstate New York.  To say that there have been adjustments would be putting it mildly.  Reading about the process of our move (and our life thereafter), would be educational to those who are ready to do it, entertaining to those who are only dreaming of it, and quite amusing to those who can’t begin to imagine what ripping up over 5 decades of roots are truly like.  (One friend actually asked me if we were “going to have indoor plumbing?”.  We do.)

I was the Manager of an exceptionally busy gastroenterologist practice, working long hours overseeing every aspect of a 7 physician office.  It was rewarding work, and I truly enjoyed it.  My husband was a supervisor for the municipality in which we lived until he was offered an early retirement buy-out.  He would be home waiting for me with the ubiquitous bottle of wine…..uncorked & ready for my nightly crash & burn.

Our life was all-consuming; we had no balance.  The thought that there had to be more to life than 14 hour work days constantly niggled in my brain.  What was missing in our big picture?

So we resurrected our early 70’s dream and moved to the country.  We got back to basics and honed our survival skills; our vegetable garden feeds us all winter, our chickens give us an endless supply of free-range eggs, our goats will provide milk for yogurt & cheese, and our freezer is filled with pork from our little piggies.  We started a “fiber farm” with alpacas and angora bunnies, and started a successful knitting cottage industry knitting.  We also paint barn quilts, and offer our merchandise at the Cooperstown Farmers’ Marketthe Artisan Guild in Oneonta, NY, and various fiber fests throughout the area.

Barn quilts have been part of the American landscape for nearly 300 years; they were introduced by newly immigrated citizens who used this simple art to decorate barns & other farm structures, and to help provide directions (pre-GPS!) to travelers.  What a lovely way to wrap your out building in love & warmth!

We use quality, ½” plywood:  strong but light enough to easily hang.  Primed with a base coat, all colors are hand-painted using 2 coats of Behr exterior semi-gloss enamel (known for its fade-resistance & durability), and then finished with 2 coats of spar varnish.  

Our quilts are available in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes, and custom orders are available.  Request your favorite quilt pattern!  Don’t have a barn?  We make them in sizes suitable for shed, garages, front doors, and chicken coops!


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