February Artist of the Month

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  • 22 February, 2014
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2014-02ArtistOfTheMonthBannerThis month’s artist is:

Don Kraus

As a teenager, I started woodworking in my father’s shop on our farm. I learned to respect sharp tools at an early age, and have the scar on my thumb to this day from a chisel which slipped while fashioning some long-forgotten object from a scrap two-by-four. As time went on I became more proficient in the use of tools and more selective in my materials. I have made furniture and some cabinetry, but settled on clocks quite by accident.

Some thirty years ago, my neighbor’s son was getting married and I wanted to give him a very personalized wedding gift. I considered buying a clock kit, but felt this hardly challenged my skills or made much use of my workshop, so I purchased a set of plans and went from there. To this day, I have never used a kit, or even a pre-cut part.

After spending a career working in the field of accounting, I retired in 1995, and my clock making went from a hobby to a business, with the birth of Kraus Woodworking. Designs evolved from various plans I had purchased previously, and new designs were developed for mantle, desk and wall clocks. Wall and desktop weather stations were added, and more recently, jewelry boxes.

I use hard woods exclusively, embracing species from every continent, to produce objects used in everyday life which will evoke an appreciation of the beauty of nature’s gifts to us. It is particularly satisfying and challenging to match grains of adjoining segments or strike the right balance in the contrast of different species in a single piece.

I am sometimes asked to specify my favorite piece, and my reply is the one I am working on at the moment. It is especially enjoyable when I make a custom order, or commission, because of the personal aspect of knowing who will use it.



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