September Artist of the Month

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  • 20 October, 2013
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This months artist is:

Colin MacKenzie


Wood Carving

For Colin MacKenzie , it all started on a balmy evening in July 1949.  He was subsequently born April 14, 1950, in Huntington Hospital, on the north shore of Long Island.  As a wee type, Colin enjoyed all the usual boyish things: eating dirt, poking his finger into hornets’ nests, playing with matches, and merrily chasing after the town trucks which sprayed his neighborhood with DDT.

Colin somehow managed to reach adulthood, and became a teacher of English, which would have gratified a few of his old teachers and astonished the rest.  He spent thirty years trying to teach seventh graders the finer points of their native tongue.  During this time, he and his lovely wife Jan raised two charming daughters, Corey and Katie.

Colin discovered early on in his teaching career that his survival would likely depend upon developing some outside interests.  He has several of these, but one of his favorites is the carving of wood.  He hopes that visitors to the Artisans’ Guild enjoy his efforts in this area.


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